Bush Goats Breeding.

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    Sep 10, 2008
    For the Weekend I went up to Mudgee.
    We were at this place called Windyer (sp?) and swimming and mucking around in the creek.
    My stepdad reece ran up the road to look up stream for some odd reecey reason. lol.
    Then all of a sudden he comes running back and told me to go look upstream.

    So Up I went and there is this big fat white bush goat doe sitting next to the creek on the other side.
    We starting going near her and she stood up and there was this TOOT WITTLE KID!
    He was black and had a frosty white muzzle.

    I have an arguement with Reece about goats gestation etc.
    So I have a Few questions.

    How old are kids when they leave their mums?

    Can the doe be breed straight after she kids and be preggers?

    Because reece reckons she was about to drop another baby and i was like bull c*** she's hardly big at all.
    And he goes No her teats are huge and so is her belly and im like :doh:
    It isnt even worth argueing. It's obvious they are big from the kid, right?!
    Ugh. and the kid looked way to old and strong to be a firstborn twin. the doe wasnt even that big *snorts*

    Someone tell me their view on this, please? :greengrin:
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    Jun 26, 2008
    Yucaipa ca
    well.. was the kid still wet and goopy? if so she could have well had another one or two

    they are preggers for 150 days usually

    kids can be weaned 6-8 weeks.. maybe earlier.. i never do

    and idk about the breeding thing

  3. PiccoloGoat

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    Sep 10, 2008
    no the kid looked dry and strong on it's legs. it was running up the mountain alright!
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    Usually about one fifty days for gesation. Does do come into a kidding heat usually two to three weeks after they kid and they can be bred on this heat cycle. But usually not. That would make her due late summer. babies wouldt get much of a good strt before winter. Animals seem to know ehrn that time to reproduce is right. A lot of goats can hid a kid well too if they are bred. I had a doe who we though was going to have one. She had three healthy good sized kids. i was amazed as she wasnt a very big doe.
    Her udder could of been full because the kid was older and slowly weaning himself as he was eating more plants and things. Or it could be that mom was making way more milk then a single kid could eat, and he cant keep up. Or another possibility is she had twins or even triplets at one point and the other kid(s) were taken by predators. Leaving more milk then a single kid could handle.
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    Oct 26, 2008
    Alyssa, rangeland does are some of the toughest creatures I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. When crossed with boer goats to settle them down a bit into a farmed environment, they make the best mothers. They are tough and wirey, they stay in good condition on pasture of minimal quality and quantity, they are KID RAISERS. They breed first time every time, they kid without fuss and without complications, those kids hit the ground running and they raise them big and strong, and FAST. The does are great on predators and can get really narky when the kid or they are threatened.

    To answer some of your questions directly:

    I am not sure at what age a rangeland doe will naturally wean her kid, but in farmed situations they are capable of feeding at least till 3 mths (when I have then weaned) and the kids are fine in this situation as well

    A doe will cycle 2 to 4 weeks after birth and in my experience the rangeland nannies do breed back quite reliably.

    Rangelands have all sorts of heritage in them, but there is a major dairy influence in them, from way back when Australia was settled and the dairy goats brought out on the boats escaped here in there. Basically that is what began the Australian Rangeland breed. So naturally a lot of does have fairly good sized teats - she could just be a big teated doe.

    Here's my take on the situation:

    a) It is possible that the kid was 6 mths old, still living with mum, and she was about to kid

    But, I dont think thats very likely. Because, trust me, you would have known if that kid was 6 mths or older - it wouldnt be a cute lil' kid anymore.

    b) I think its probably just as simple as she is a big teated doe - the Rangelands produce all different teat sizes and shapes and as long as it is functional and able to feed kids, mother nature and evolution doesnt discriminate.

    I think option b) is more feasible.

    Dont you just love the colour possibilities with Rangeland goats? :greengrin:
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    Sep 10, 2008
    Thankyou so much everyone. Now I can rub it in his face xD

    And she wasnt even that fat, she just has short legs.

    Oh yeah keren, she looked pretty dairy. she was finer bones and have a big udder. I wish I got a photo or a better look.
    The black out of the white was just so cute lol.

    Jess says on her property they have their own herd of wild goats running around somewhere lol.