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meat taste

We had to unexpectedly slaughter an 8 month old buck in the middle of rut last month due to a fatal injury. We have not tried any of the chops but a family member who doesn't have goats and doesn't know the buck smell and had never eaten goat was not appalled when he cooked them himself! We did have some breakfast sausage made and you can definitely smell the buck smell while cooking it. Eating it is not awful- the taste is good, it's just that bucky cooking smell.

As somebody else mentioned - you may be able to find a local dog owner via Craigslist who feeds raw diet to take a bunch of it off your hands for a reasonable price. They like to use "meaty bones" and organs as well.

Best of luck and good decision! No need to perpetuate bad temperament!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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