buying a milking goat what to look for?

Discussion in 'Dairy Diaries' started by nightshade, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. nightshade

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    Mar 27, 2008
    okay we buy most of our animals at local monthly/ weekly farm auctions. This is where we will most likely be getting our goats at. What should I look for in a milking doe? Should I try to get one with a kid or one alone? If I get one with a kid should I milk it or not? Will probably be getting a nubian or nubian cross cause I just love the floppy ears. But I am not sure how to tell a good milker from one to stay away from.
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    Jan 29, 2008
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    Ok, I'll start until the REAL goat people get on here to give you advice! Ha Ha! First, I'd try to find a farm that is an actual Dairy farm to purchase you goats from. You may find a good milk goat at an auction, but you may also get a goat that is someones "cull". If you can go right to the farm, you should be able to get her lactation records, so you "know" she is a good milker. It costs just as much to feed and maintain a poor milker as it does to feed a good milker.

    I would go to the websites of some Dairy's, look at their animals. They are long and lean looking. Higher at the withers. They have pretty straight toplines.

    Well, I'll leave the rest for more experience...btw WELCOME to TGS...lots of folks here to help you get started! Check out a website called it's a great site...I learned alot there.

    Good luck in your hunt for the perfect doe!

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    Oct 4, 2007
    I second that you don't want to purchase from an auction. Most auctions are diseased filled and an animal can look healthy but come home with all sorts of things that take you months to get rid of. You may have had success in the past with your wether but for something as valuable as your family milker you want to make sure she is healthy and going to produce for you the amount of milk you need.

    If you like the nubian breed do some internet searches for farms in your area. Contact people and ask them if they have any Junior does they decided to not keep.

    Obviously there are goat farms around you or there wouldn't be goats going through the auction. Try getting in contact with those breeders so you can purchase a doe that has great potential. you don't need a papered animal but you dont' want to unknowingly purchase a sick one.
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    Oct 6, 2007
    i to would not suggest that you get one from a sale barn. usually any milkers that are there is because they are not that good of milkers or they have some thing wrong with them. you will pay more from a breeder but you also know just what you are getting. if you are wanting a family milker & you like nubians find a nubian breeder near you the advantage of buying a reg doe is that you can look at how that line has produced also the breeder will be able to tell you what kind of milk lines are in the pedagree. you need to have a good udder from strong milk lines to have a good milker hope this helps
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    I agree with everyone else that you should not go to a sale barn. They are usually there for a reason. there is a small chance you will find a good deal but its a small one. plus you dont know the history or age of a doe. there may be underlaying health problems that you cant see like CAE and CL. Like Di said, it cost the same to feed a poor milker as it does to feed a good milker, and in all reality you could pay more for the poor milker because of health problems. Its worth it to pay the extra money up front for a nice doe. She is going to last longer. If youre not interested in showing you can still find a good doe without papers. but talk to a few breeders first. Look at health records. Someone that takes and keeps good records has a healthy herd and they care about their animals. Look at the farm where the goat is comig from do they have good fences? How do their other goats look? Are they of good weight look healthy eyes bright what kind of feed are they getting, have their feet been trimmed?
    ask for milk recods not only from the doe but the does dam and the sires dam, does it run in the lines.
    If youre just wanting a family milker i would still look at show herds. a lot of people get does that arnt going to make it in the show ring but are still really nice does.
    Take a look at some show herds to get an idea of what you are looking for. You will see a consistancy amoung them and you can get an idea of what some good traits are.