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Buying from Bio-Genics

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Has anyone here bought semen for AI from Bio-Genics, if so what was your experience like? I am thinking about doing AI next year, but I'm unsure what buying and shipping semen is actually... like? Do the straws just show up at my door in a box or in a shipping tank? Sorry if that is a silly question lol
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I believe there are some AI threads on here if you do a search. I have never done AI.
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I believe there are some AI threads on here if you do a search. I have never done AI.
Yes, they've been very helpful. I am hoping to get peoples experiences with buying from this company especially
I have not bought from BioGenics but just last week I attended an AI class taught by them and a lot of the people there had put together a group order from BioGenics.

I know shipping was very expensive. I think they paid $200 each way for the shipper. (The straws arrive in a shipper, you transfer them to your tank, then you have to mail the shipper back.) There was a bit of a fiasco at our class because part of the order was missing. Presumably if you're just placing an order for yourself that is less likely to happen, but I think 2 of the ladies (out of 6 or 8 who ordered) showed up with their does synched and ready to go, only to find themselves without straws to use.

I think BioGenics is a quality processor ( the lady who taught our clinic was fantastic and really knew her stuff) and if I needed to order straws I would not hesitate to use them, but it sounds like the company isn't great about communicating internally (or externally) at the moment so do be prepared for that.
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I have not ordered from them but calistar is correct on how shipping is done. The shipper is charged with nitrogen and will stay charged (cold) for roughly a week to allow you to get the semen without having to ship a huge tank. You take the semen out, put in your tank, and then there is a return address you stick on and ship it back.
If they are charging $200 both ways though look into companies that rent shippers out. The last time I had semen shipped it was $175. I’m sure it has gone up but I don’t think that much……..then again I could be wrong with the insane price of things.
A tip though to keep the price somewhat down. I think bio genics also is a storage facility, meaning if I collect my buck but don’t want to plug my whole tank up, I pay them a monthly fee to store my semen. So try and find as much semen as you can afford and just pay for the shipper once. I see all the time ISO ads asking if anyone has any semen stored at a certain facility that is for sale so it makes the shipping worth it ;)
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