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    What is it?
    CAE is also known as Caprine arthritis encephalitis. It is a lentiviral infection much like AIDS/HIV in people or Coggins in horses. It is a disease that can cause arthritis, encephalitis, interstitial pneumonia, mastitis, and progressive weight loss.

    The encephalitic form only occurs in young kids(less than 6 months of age) and results in death.

    How is it spread?
    CAE is spread via milk to the newborn kids. It can also be given to the kids in utero.

    In rare cases it can be transferred from adult to adult, usually via blood, milk or saliva.

    Can I test for it?

    The current most accurate test for cae is an ELISA test, which is a blood test. It detects antibodies against the virus. There is an AGID test, but is not accurate.

    Is there a cure for CAE?

    How can I prevent transmission to other goats?

    If you keep positive and negative goats together there are several way to prevent transmission to the other goats. First off when she kids, pull the kids, don't even let the dam lick them. And make sure she kids in an area you can bleach afterwards. Use a cae free goats colostrum for the kid and feed the kid pasteurized milk.

    Also, when milking milk the cae positive goats LAST.

    Don't re-use needles.

    What do breeders mean when they say their kids are raised on CAE Prevention?
    Usually this means that the kids were pulled at birth, fed heat treated colostrum and then pasteurized milk to lower the risk of the kids getting cae from their dams.

    Can People get CAE?

    Can you drink milk from a CAE Positive doe?
    Yes, it wont hurt you.

    Where can I find more information?

    What labs can I test for CAE through?

    ELISA Testing

    ELISA testing

    ELISA testing, but you need a vet in order to send blood here for testing.
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