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    Jan 4, 2012
    Since I have a few doelings (bought as pasture does) that I would like to put some weight on, and one little doeling I bought as a mercy project (sigh) who REALLY needs some weight. I also have nursing does who look great, but I figure could benefit from the extra calories. So, I thought I'd try topdressing their food with calf-manna.

    With the exception of the nursing mothers (who'll eat anything), the other doelings HATE it! They snort and stamp, and eat around it and make a big production of trying to sort out their feed from the calf-manna. Then they toss the feed pan over and kick through it to separate it.

    None told them how palatible it was.

    Apparently they'd rather eat briars.

    I'd really like to see the mercy project, Little Luna, eat it at least since she is so undersize...but what I want doesn't seem to matter. I guess she'll catch up on her own time--I hope.

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    Nov 24, 2012
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    I LOVE calf manna. I feed it to everything. As any new feed program, it takes a while to implement a new grain or forage. What you can do is try feeding the manna alone first, then give them their grain after they start munching. Or give a small amount of their grain on the manna. My goats did not like the sunflower seeds when I introduced them. Took about 5 days.

    I also tether the goats in their feeding stations with hanging buckets so they don't ever tip the pails over.