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Calling all 4-H kids or kids in general

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OK all you 4-Hers, my kids are getting bored. Its not quite nice enough to be doing things out side yet like practicing fitting and showing or anything like that, im looking for fun indoor projects we can do over the next couple of months. record books are getting kind of boring. Also for later in the year, what are some projects you guys have done?
our barn needs new hay feeders but we are hoping to raise enough money to buy metal racks.
thanks in advance
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HMMMM... You guys could paint new signs to put on your goat pens at the fair. Painting is always a fun thing for my kids. Good luck
Ok, are you talking about YOUR kids or the projects kids?

I do not know if your county requires a DEMO. Ours does, so my daughter does so much research on different things that she would like to learn about and chooses one, and away she goes. She will do it to where it is almost to much detail and it drives me crazy sometimes, but on the other hand, she knows more then most the vets around here.

If it is a group thing, we are going to a ladies place next month and we are learning how she makes soap, and lotions. Even though we do not do that (we are fiber goats), it is still something fun to do and learn. We are also going to do some Community service projects. We are going to a shelter and helping them fix it up, clean pens, stall or what ever they need.
Showmanship question? learn the parts of a goat. For a 4-h group make this like a game show. Do you decorate your pen for fair? Can you start on those? We make paper machi (sp) goat heads one year. Painted them to look like the kids goats. We dress them each year to go with the fair theme. If it just your kids we do fair arts in the winter like quilting, sewing, canning, & photograph. Shelly
What kind of signs do you mean? we can't hang anything where goats can reach them, they will eat them. We have nicely hand painted signs that announce when we are not on barn duty and where the public can find us, when we are at the parade...when we are showing etc.
We do require an educational display they we put at the back of the barn every year, usually behind out milk stands. We do it on something different every year, we try to keep it simple you you can read it within less then five minutes. We have done it on milking, meat goats, packing and driving, how goats got to american, and others i can;t remember. I would like to do it on kidding this year but we gotta run it by the club and see what other ideas pop out.
I make signs for all the goats in our barn. That way they all look the same. What I use is a little oval, sign or what ever shape I can find. I get them in the Walmart section in the crafts, and I use a wood burner and a stencil and I burn the names in the sign. Then I stain them all. I also get the signs from a craft store Like Michaels, or Hobby Lobby. They are cheaper and they are thicker so when I put the little eyelet screws in them to hang them, the wood does not split.
We get so many completes on how well the barn looks. We have gotten the clean barn award and the best decorated barn for 4 years in a row.
You could ask your 4-H educator to add a goat pack class! Our old fair had one but we are going to ask our new one to add one. You place a pack on the goat with two water bottles in it, and them you have to take the goat over things, go around things, back into things, and it is timed. It was a lot of fun. You can practice with it at home. I'll try and think of more.
thanks Nupine, we have a pack class.
For the signs, does it get expensive from year to year as to how many signs you have to make? Im not sure how i would attach them to the stalls without the goats eating them, we have chainlink fences for our stalls.
I use the signs every year, over and over. When I sell the goat the sign goes with the goat. the sign is .99, and the stain is a couple bucks, but it will last a LONG time, and the burner is the most expensive item. I bought it at Wal Mart for like like maybe $12.00.
The way I hang them is I put those really small hooks that you screw in, and I buy chain form the hardware store (Home Depot). It is I believe .42 cents a foot, and I just attach it.I will have to try to remember to take a picture of one and show you. It is really simple, and it looks great.
We use 10 ft pvc pipe zip tied in the back corner of the pins and connect to run pipe a crossed the top of the pens. We hang lattice work this year and decorative on top of that. It's cheap and easy enough for the kids to put together. Every thing high enough that the goat can't reach it. Here's a picture not the best but the only one I have. ... 007008.jpg
that looks great. I will have to think about something like that for our big shows. Our county fair will not allow us to put anything at all that shows our farm name. dumb huh?
Thanks Shelly that looks really nice, I will have to look into that if i go to any fairs that don't have boards behind the stalls At our local fair and state fair we have walls behind all of the stalls. We just staple paper or fabric to the boards. Our fair usually has a theme that rhymes with the year of the fair.
Thats really odd that they won't let you put your farm name up, even with open class do they do that? With open class here they encourage your farm name and to promote and educate people on your specific breed of livestock.
I used to have a really nice wood burning kit, ex boyfriend i guess got it. I will have to look into getting another and those signs. Have you ever had a problem with goats chewing on them or anything?
I have pvc pipes that we zip tie to the stalls and then we put valence type curtains around our stalls.
what do you guys all use for hay feeders? we have big heavy wood ones that our fair provides us with. Looking to change that this year.
We practive fitting and showing at least one meeting a month throughout the summer, as well as playing a part game during the cold months. A lot of the club consists of teenage boys, can be difficult to keep them entertained sometimes.
thanks for the ideas guys
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