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Calling dog people

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Have a year old lab pit mix who LOVES the goats! But what's on her ear? It's pea sized, not fluid filled but hard. Any ideas? I have an email out to my docs as I am a vet tech but I've never seen this.


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Maybe an irritated mass? Or just inflammation from scratching at it? Does he have an ear infection? Is it hot? Maybe an abscess from a sticker or something. . . . . Is he bothering it?
Do you have ticks in your area? It kinda looks like a spot a tick may have been imbedded and now is irrated.
No ticks in the area we are in just fleas. Not hot, she probably doesn't even know it's there
No eat infection either temp is good too
So monitor it like any wart or growth-- if it changes (larger) in a few weeks or starts growing hairs and blood vessels-- ie like a cancer thingie you need to go the vet for removal....
It looks like a little skin tag growth to me but you need to monitor it for changes, even call them into your vet...if there are sudden changes/ quick growth....
It has a cauliflower appearance to it which makes me think something cystic .
I would have it looked at before it starts to grow or change. Just my opinion here , but I think it will have to be removed to get all the cells. What breed of dog ?
I think Berners get something like this..
She's a lab/pit mix. I'm taking her to work with me tomorrow. My vets said a mass or cyst probably. I bottle fed her and 3 of her siblings. They are so cute :)


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Awwwww, how adorable :) Gorgeous looking dogs you have there !
Good luck with her , I hope it turns out to be something simple and easy to care for. :hug:
Thank you! They sure are big babies. I will update y'all with vet results, I'm praying no cancer :/
We will all hope for the best for your baby ;)
Fingers and toes crossed for her. What is her name always ?
They are Annie and Allie. The one with the ear thing is Allie :)
Oh that's cute , lol. Sweet names :)
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