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Can’t get up?

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Hello. I have 10 year old Nigerian dwarf. She was recently treated for worms and coccidia. She sometimes trips and falls over and then she cannot get up. Have you ever had this happen? Could she be diabetic?
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Sounds like she is very weak. Have you checked her famacha? If she is anemic she will need treatment asap. What is her over all condition? Is she loosing weight? What treatment did she get for worms and coccidia? Product and amount? Also get her temp . 101.5-103.5 is normal range...temp can help us know what her body is doing
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Usually we see this in severe cases of worms with bad anemia. Agree with above.
The vet did blood work and said she wasn’t as anemic as I thought. Her famacha is pretty white so I assumed the worse but vet wasn’t concerned about anemia. She got 3 days of cydectin 9cc and 14 days of corid 9cc. No temp. She is on the skinnier side but still has an appetite. sorry to say I disagree with the vet on a few things.. first I would still address anemia. If she has pale famacha..she needs support. Keep her eating lots of browse foods and high protien feed..alfalfa and of course hay.
I hope vet didn't give the purple Cydectin? If so..if you can..get something else. It's dangerous to give a heavy worm load goat and it's not great on their system all together. There are other Cydectin treatments like sheep drench which are safer.
Corid is 5 days treatment. I don't think I would be comfortable giving 14 days of that stuff. Is it diluted? What is he bases his dosage on? Giving the same dose of both cydectin and corid has me puzzled. I'm sorry ...I know we need to trust our vets and I don't mean to sound like a jerk lol. I'm just concerned this will over load her all ready compromised system.

Best wishes
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Good questions and suggestions from Cathy.
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@mckenzie525. How are things going?
Hope things are ok.
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