Can goats "hide" their pregnancy?

Discussion in 'Kidding Koral' started by PattiXmas, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. PattiXmas

    PattiXmas New Member

    Jan 1, 2010
    Snowy is quite pregnant. She is getting huge, and even has already developed the beginning of her lopsided udder (the other side is catching up slowly).

    Daisy, on the other hand is a different story. No real formed udder yet, and she isn't as wide as Snowy is. Do goats sometimes hide their pregnancies by carrying them differently? :ponder:
  2. SterlingAcres

    SterlingAcres Member

    Oct 19, 2009
    Perhaps she is deep and is growing down instead of out?

  3. StaceyRosado

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    Oct 4, 2007
    some can hide better then others

    were they bred at the same time? I am going to assume they are the same breed of goats from my recollection of pictures
  4. PattiXmas

    PattiXmas New Member

    Jan 1, 2010
    They are the same girls from my other post. They were bred at the same time. Snowy just seems to be getting huge and getting a pretty good size udder growing. Daisy isn't really get wide like Snowy.
  5. toth boer goats

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    Jul 20, 2008
    Corning California
    I agree.. that some do hide them well.... especially... if they have a single kid.... and are deep bodied.... Some does ..also don't bag up...until the last minute.... :wink:

    Has she showed any signs of heat....or discharge?

    Can you feel any kid movement....on the right side? sometimes it takes patience to feel them...while other can feel a kick or a head..... right away :greengrin: