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Can someone explain to me how to do a one day milk test?

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I feel like a dunce but the information available online is really not clear and the whole pandemic is just making matters worse. How do I do a one-day milk test for my girls? Do I have the observer come out to our farm? Or do I have to take the does somewhere? If someone could briefly walk me through this process from start to finish I would be really appreciative, I've been trying to read about it on my own but I'm just thoroughly confused and frustrated now.
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I think @Calistar might be able to help, but I'm not sure.
Sorry, I have only done the year-round milk test, no experience with the one-day!

I do know that you can have it done at your farm. The one-day test is usually done at an event like a show, but you can register to be your own "event" and just do it at your farm with your own herd. I'm not sure the process though, sorry!
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