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can u force doe to be in heat

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I have a nubian that has possible due dates from nov 28-jan5. Her belly isn't growing. I don't feel anything. No udder. And vulva goes from puffy one week and the next its gone.

Not sure what else to try. The rut season is coming to an end soon. The buck is proven. She's in w him now. They get along well. Maybe she's not coming into heat? She's my healthiest goat. Perhaps a little overconditioned, but I can't get her weight down much. She's got a big rumen. When she eats less just her back sides get hollowed out but everything else stays the same. She's just on grass hay no grain.

I bought them last jan. They were in the same pen so came from same place. Owner didnt have them long so no history there. He got them together as well. Maybe they're siblings.? They would still breed though right? Don't know. I'm running out of ideas. He's the only buck I have. Have a bucling but he's young and she picks on him.
I think she's a ff too. Can't feel any tail bones like you would on on one that's kidded before. Have never seen discharge on her either.w all the other ladies I've noticed wet tails or actual white discharge after being in his pen a while. One I actually had to take out after two weeks. I don't think she was eating much due tohim trying to breed her everyday.
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Well, of there is a chance they are brother and sister, I personally wouldn't let that happen. I've read that many people do dad to daughter, mother to son sort of thing, but I've also read to never let a brother and sister breed, due to defects that can occur with the kids. With that knowledge alone, me personally wouldn't encourage it.

A couple things you can do with you not thinking she's pregnant, I would get a blood test done and send it to Biotracking. There is also a bleach test you can do, I'm not sure how accurate it is, as I've never done it. You could always Lute her, to throw her into heat, but then if you don't get the preggo test done to make sure, she will abort the kids.

My .2 cents, I'm no expert, but I have learned a lot being on here and doing my own research:)
You would need to have a blood test done to confirm pregnancy.
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