Cannot open her eye. Maybe pink eye

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    Tying a goat up 24/7 is animal cruelty. I understand it is a standard in your country - but you need to make a change. Your goats will thank you, they will love you so much for it!
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    I don't know exactly if they are dairy breed. People usually get them as they look so beautiful. They don't give too much milk that I am a sure. The milk maybe even not enough for their kids sometimes. So maybe they are not dairy breed. They are called Gulabi Goats in our country.
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    Gulabi goats are normally a good meat goat. Given the right feed they produce good milk.
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    Thank you for the clarification.

    If her teats are soft, it may be hormones working because she is pregnant.

    Mastitis comes to mind, yet is is usually just one side.
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    To me it looks like little extra fused teats that Boer goats have sometimes.