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Hannah and I took Pig for his first canoe trip today. We went a couple miles upstream in the Jordan Riven and coasted back. I have a two wheeled thingy for portaging the canoe that we used to haul it from the parking lot about a block to the river. Pig walked along without a lead right with us.

Hannah held him in the canoe while we launched and it only took him a minute to calm down and enjoy the ride.

He ate leaves of the Russian olives and willows as we passed under them. And he shared our Gatorade. After our encounter with the Optometrist I have taken to telling people who ask me if it is a goat that Pig is my seeing eye dog. When they protest that he is a goat, I complain that they shouldn't harass a blind person that way.

He eventually laid down in the canoe which is the preferable position, particularly if he gets to be over 200 pounds. I also splashed him down when he got hot, but I used my wet hand rather than tossing water at him. He seemed to enjoy it and it did cool him off quickly.

Now before someone thinks it necessary to ask why I would take a goat canoeing, let me just say that the goat and the portage thingy both fit in the canoe, and it just seems logical to me that if you are going canoeing, it may be beneficial sometime to have a goat buddy along to help with the portage.

I need to fix the trampoline on the hobie cat before we go sailing together.
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