castrating older males

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    Oct 11, 2007
    Hello everyone - I'm back, been keeping busy and keeping my chin up. We're still going even after all the bad stuff. Anyway - I've been given three male goats, between 1-2 years old, PeeuW! Since I don't need them for breeding, as I have my own, I had the man use the burdizzo. My plan is to use them on Harness as Gypsy and big girl are up there in age and Gypsy is getting rather jealous and tempermental. Big girl seems to have trouble with one of her legs and I don't want to stress her out! The man used the burdizzo on sheep and cattle - so I assume he knew what he was doing.. They did get the shot afterwards. Now my question is - how long till that stink goes? How long do we need to watch for any accidents! I'll be putting them over at the rented farm soon with the other boys.
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    Usually with any castration, it will be wise to keep those guys away from your girls for at minimum a month, the testosterone is still there for the drive and even though they aren't producing sperm any more those little swimmers are still in the "lines" so to far as the stink, it should wear off on it's own within 2-3 months a good bath after they've healed will speed up the " no stink factor"

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    I fully agree with LIZ :thumb: