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My boys lost their manhood today. Vet let me watch.

First step was knocking them out via vein or artery in the neck. Took about 10 seconds to go limp and we eased them down.

She clipped hair on scrotum and sanitized the area.

Made 2 vertical slits in the scrotum and pulled out the testicles. Used forcepts to clamp off the vas and tied the vas off with surgical thread. Cut off the testicles. Removed forcepts. Cleaned are and applied fly repellent.

They got anti biotic and pain shots.

The scrodum's were left with the incisions open. Said they may swell to about the size they were before the surgery, but don't worry unless the swell larger than original.

One had a scurs. While he was out he got them clipped off with hoof trimmers and burned off.

Good smelling days are on the way!
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