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  1. This is Jeffe & he needs to be wormed. He DOES NOT have the friendly personality of his cousin Jesus. He will not come within 5 feet of me. Any suggestions on how to catch him? Ive tried grain & tried catching him as he passes through the gate. I had limited success by luring him into the barn but now he refuses to come in. He is F A S T!!! Im at my wits end. To top it off he might have bottle jaw and he NEEDS his meds. Any suggestions?

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    sneaky goat.

    When I first got my chasmeres they were wild...just go in there and sit on a bucket until he comes to you, give him a treat and eventually you'll be best buds!

    or your can use a shepards crook, to catch their legs :shrug:

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    there are times... when my goats refuse to come I either send out my trained border collie or get on my quad ..and get behind them...with if ..I am on horse back and herding them.... not really close ...but enough ...that when you rev the motor just a bit .....that they move forward ...where you want them to go...go left or right if he starts to move in the wrong direction........if it is possible have someone behind the barn door and be ready to close it....that person cannot be seen or the kid will run out.... try not to over scare the kid... but just enough to move the little rascal forward. If you have 3 people can be behind the door , another catching the slack of where the quad isn't so he won't slip by....and the one on the quad... :wink: If you don't have a quad then....maybe just try alot of your friends....and all form a somewhat of a line and guide him in the direction...clapping your hands or make some sort of noise to get him the way... you want him to go, try not to rush him to hard..or fast... as he will fight back and not want to move forward....he will want to run past you...good luck.. :greengrin:

    If he has other goats with him.....he will follow those goats ....
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    If they have a shelter that has a door you can close, wait till after dark when they are ready to bed down, close the gate and proceed to catch him, just doi it quietly as possible and use a soothing voice so the others know it is you and not something trying to "get them".
    When you are done, give lots of lovin and treats to ease the scared feeling as well as the bruised ego of being caught.
    With the pic, his horn growth suggests he is around 8-9 weeks old..... you'll be wanting to wether him or separate him from the does as he is able to breed them at this age.
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    yup herd him into a smaller area. Thats your best bet. Even if you have to use makeshift stuff to create a wall so the pen is smaller (make sure it is sturdy or he will knock i over or jump over it
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    If he is need of meds and you need to catch him now take a fence panel and a couple of people and walk him into a corner blocking him there. Or corner him in a small stall or somthing. These things might scare him more but if he is in need of meds its faster then treating him to win over his trust that can come later.
  7. We got him! My wife and I went out during a thunderstorm today when they were all hunkered down in the barn. We shut the door and dosed all 4 with Ivomec Plus subQ.

    We gave the two ND bucklings 0.6ml (they're about 20lbs) and we gave the mom & grandma 1.2ml (they're about 50 lbs). The injections went well in that we didnt have to stick them multiple times. The bad part was their reaction to the Ivomec Plus. It was like we injected them with lava or acid or something. They all cried and cried and bit @ the injection site. Jesus (hay-SUS, not the Lord) took it the worst. We injected him in a flap of skin at the base of his neck and he cried and thrashed around. It was so pitiful :( It made my wife break down. I hope they take it better next time.

    We checked everyone's lids. The Mom and Grandma were quite pale. They have been on Molly's Herbals but we've had such a wet summer I think the load is just building up in them so we decided to use some "toxic rescue therapy" as Allan Nation calls it. The little bucklings had pretty pink lids but definitely not red. Jeffe was the one we were worried about... he's the one we suspect might have bottle jaw.

    We gave everyone raisins afterwards. Jesus is really warming up to us and will eat out of our hand. Jeffe still doesnt want anything to do with us or treats. He will rest in my lap IF I can catch him but he didnt eat raisins and he doesnt like the sweet herb balls. He is so ... stubborn. Shy isnt the right word b/c hes so full of energy and enthusiasm... He just doesnt like US.

    We will get all 4 again in 7 to 10 days. Any recomendations on if 7 or 10 is better? Thanks again for all your support and advice! :thumbup: :hi5:
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    10 seems to be the normal wait, and I'm glad you were able to corral them in, nothing like a bit of help from the weather.

    They cried from the Ivomect, not the needle, it is a "hot" wormer and does sting going in. Hopefully the next dose is easier to endure.
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    I agree with Liz...10 days... :wink:

    Really glad... you caught him....thank Goodness... for mother nature....LOL :greengrin: