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I just got my first kitten in about 15 years last Tuesday. I bought everything I would need for it for the past few months while I did the research on line.

I called and talked to some breeders of the breed I was thinking about but ... there was no way I could spend the type of money they wanted. For one kitten it nearly equaled what I would spend on hay for all my stock for 6 months ... I nearly fell over.

So, I went on line to some of the shelters, and some shelters do try really hard to identify the breed of cat they get in as strays and such.

I finally found one close to home but it took two or three months before one showed up. Let your local shelters and rescues know what you want in breed and sex. If they get one they will let you know.

So, my little guy is 4-5 months old and follows the breed standard to the max. He goes in next Thursday to get fixed and get all his shots. He cost me $10.00 on Nat'l Cat Day. And, the shelter pays for all of it.
He is an Egyptian Mau. He has a long, lean build, green eyes, big ears, extra long tail, very black legs and pads, silver body with black stripes and spots. His belly is bronze with black spots, and he has the M on his forehead between his eyes and the black stripes that run from his eyes to his cheeks. White chin and a bronze colored triangle under his white chin. And, a cute little pink nose.

He is very active and talky. He was in that cage for 15 days and nearly turned himself inside out to get me to look at him. Since I have been reading and studying the breed standard I knew when I saw him what he was.

They have a very special temperament and I just love this little guy. He has really added to the household and I would already be lost without him.

Good luck with your search.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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