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Cats around hay

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We have a lot of feral cats in our area, along with our own cat, Midnight. He is an outdoor kitty. I know he likes sleeping in the hayshed ... is there a way to tell if any hay is contaminated? Is there a gentle way to keep him out of there? He usually sleeps in the milking room, but you know cats, they like to explore wherever they aren't supposed to. ;)
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Since we store only half ton at a time & have barn kitties, I put anything against the bales so they don't spray on it & cover the top with old feed sacks.
Did not read the whole artlcle that Tim gave link to.
Read the article, thanks, Tim. Our cat is a neutered boy, and he is territorial, so maybe he is actually protecting the hay ... :shrug: Any bales we find poo in we'll definitely throw away ... haven't found any thankfully. I think he prefers to do it outside. He rarely goes in the goat pen because they scare him away.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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