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Hi everyone,
I have 3 kids that got their cdt shots on June 25 when they were 14 days old, but they haven't had their second one yet. I read they should have the second one a month after the first. Is it too late for it to do any good if I give it to them now? Or do I have to start all over again?
Thank you

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I do CD&T at weening...then a booster 21 to 30 days later.....they are using moms antibodies before that ;) Many give it sooner, and thats ok..its not going to harm them .

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I spoke with Colorado Serum and this is what they told me on vaccination scheduling:

Adults: 4-6 wks before kidding, Booster 30 days after kidding, the following year only the annual booster 30-35 days prior to kidding.

Kids: 30 days before weaning and again 30 days after weaning- annual booster.
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