CH Moore's-Meadow Kundun Cody

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    Nov 24, 2007
    CH Moore's-Meadow Kundun Cody

    Sire's Sire:*B Walnut Fork Group Effort
    Sire: *B Walnut Fork GE Kundun
    Sire's Dam: SGCH Paisley Park Kenya 6*M

    Dam's Sire: *B Willow Run Ambassador Alliance
    Dam: CH Moores Meadow WRA Charmaine
    Dam's Dam: GCH Moore's Meadow Chelsey 2*M

    On the paternal side, Cody's sire sold for $5,500 in the 1999 spotlight sale. His paternal granddam was the 1998 Reserve National Champion, with a LA final score of 92 (EEEE), and milked 2,970 pounds of milk in a 305 day lactation.

    On the maternal side, he is a fourth generation Champion. His dam is a finished Champion with an LA final score of 90 (VEEE). His maternal grandam is also a finished Grand Champion with a LA of 90 (VEEE). His maternal great granddam is a finished Grand Champion 88 (+EVE).

    Cody finished his Championship as a three year old with 3 Best of Breeds and 1 Best in Show.
    He also had a LA 87 (VEV) as a two year old.

    His daughter, Quality Caprine Sweet Escape, born April 19, 2007, earned her dry leg at her first show going Best of Breed over a very competitive Cheyenne, Wyoming junior alpine class.

    Cody is standing at stud in Western Nebraska for $50 with 4-H and multiple doe discounts.