Changing breeding schedule in SE Washington

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    Sep 26, 2014
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    I also posted this thread in the Breeding section/Fourm.

    I have had some changes at work that are prompting me to consider changing my breeding schedule. I currently breed all goats in September, about 20 right now. I would like to change my breeding so kids arrive in late March or early April. Another idea is to completely switch to a spring breeding so kids are born in good weather.
    My question is this, how late can you breed, in my area, could I have success with breeding in November? This would mean April and May kidding. Right now I have almost a 100% success rate with/for pregnancy, If I breed in November will that number go down? Will Boers still breed in November as successfully as September?
    Lastly, has anyone had success with spring breeding, I was thinking March and April. I have read that sometimes this can be difficult, do you have any suggestions or tricks to keep the success rate very high. Again I am in SE Washington, Tri-Cities, Thanks David
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    Oklahoma boers will bred any month. Ive had kidds born in everymonth except July & August. I prefer Dec thru Feb kidds. I live in Oklahoma and our pastures start going green in March and I still have some green grass.right now. My worst problem with late Spring, Summer kidds are all the parasites and heat index. Its awful swinging at flies, mosquitoes , and knats while birthing. Then the little ones get soo hot in our 100°+ days..I have to.put towels over frozen water bottles to keep them cool. Plus have a fan blowing some of air over them. We can have a 110°+ heat index. So for my area..kidds are usually born from Nov. Thru March.
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    I’m in southern WA and have bred all the way into February. Our does typically are bred October-December. Live breeding is 100% pregnancy rate.
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    Jan 28, 2020
    I’m in mid-west Oregon.

    I’ve bred (on accident) through December with no problems. I don’t like April/May kids just because it’s peak parasite time.

    I’ve never seen heats on my does in spring. I cidr my does in July and breed for December kids with 100% success.
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