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I brought Checkers home and she's in quarantine. So that meant having to stay in a large dog kennel in the lanai (screen in outdoor room).

Well, I always let the buns in quarantine run and frolic. So I let her out, and fell asleep one night without putting her away. I was not looking forward to pee clean up!

To my surprise, NO PEE or POOP ANYWHERE! So I was confused and left her out to see what would happen.

She was going back to the kennel to pee. Well, as you know, kennels are a pain to clean. So I put some of her poop and pee into a cardboard box on top of a plastic lid and carted that kennel outside.

Checkers has not had any accidents! For several days now she's been a free range, potty trained, lanai rabbit.

She loves sleeping next to the screen in the cool breeze, playing with toys I tossed for her.

That white powder is DE, I wanted to keep fire ants away from her food and litter pan.

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