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this isn't really goat related but it is farm related. I have a barely been used chicken hutch, we used it for transitions for chicks too old for heat lamps but not quite big enough to go out with the big hens.
Its really good for rabbits too, it has a small egg door inthe back. It has a door int he front wire that is about 12 x 12 inches. And the whole front is on hinges and comes down into a ramp. There is a perch the goes across the middle. Its really light weight and easy to take apart and put together. It has a brand new metal tray and a wire bottem.
this is what it looks like. Mine is disassembled right now ... nhutch.jpg
they have it priced at $211.84 but i will let mine go for $150.
This has only had two bantam chickens in it. It was taken care of and has been cleaned.
thanks for looking
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