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    Oct 16, 2017
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    I have 6 young Nubian doe kidds that I am wanting to separate from the dams. they are whined and eating just fine but they are having to fight with the larger does. I don't have a separate pin and barn ready,but I do have a very large chicken coop and a half acre run. the coop itself is very large insulated building. what I was wondering is, if any one had ever kept chickens and goats in the same barn?
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    Mar 5, 2017
    The main issue is feed: chicken feed is dangerous for the goats to eat, and chickens will poop all over the hay feeders for the goats. In a confined space, the dust from chickens is bad for the goats, too.

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    We have turkeys in the same space as goats. They do have separate rooms to sleep in though. The birds feed is put up durin the day and left out all night til mornin chores. I make sure to go before dusk when the birds are nearly ready to roost to do evenin chores so the birds get full crops before bed. And then they can eat when they get up and they all know when i go up not long their feed will be taken away. So most will have a last snack while i milk.

    If you cannot make two rooms in the coop i would suggest high roost bars and a droppings board not much below that... else the goats will get onnthe board or get pooped on at night.

    Or. Can you somehow make a separate feeding area in your goat space for feeding time only?
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    Another issue is the chickens will scratch up the bedding. If you have deep littter for winter, the chickens will expose the old stinky under layers, and it will smell like ammonia.
    In my barn I have both chickens and goats, but goats are closed in their stalls. Chickens have the hallway and their own eating/sleeping area.
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    We have chickens and goats in the same building. I feed the goats in their individual feeders and feed the chickens out side of the goats lot so We don't have any issue with the goats eating the chicken feed or the chickens eating the goats feed. I would suggest placing a cattle panel in some corner or area where you can put the chicken feed away from the goats and not worry about the chickens scratching in the goats bedding if the chickens can get access to the out side.
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    my "said" barn is very large! lol and keep dust down very well plus, I use diatamatious earth monthly to break down droppings.
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    All great advice, I wouldn't do it.
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