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    I am posting this for someone in my area:

    I still have a VERY gorgeous and very sweet buckling for sale. He is simply gorgeous, long as a freight train with awesome legs and really level on top. Plus he is loaded with personality, a real sweetheart. He comes from a buckling that has great potential to give super udders, and the dam is simply one of my favorites here. Her udder is always butter soft, easy to milk, capacious, very well attached. This is her second freshening and I'm excited to see how it fills out this time

    I am asking $200 for him; he is eligible to be triple-registered and I would love to sell him as a show buck if I could or just to someone using registered stock. He is just too gorgeous. This boy will be weaned around 6 - 8 weeks, and we offer delivery over the weekends so long as gas fees are covered. Otherwise the buyer is welcome to come and pick him up when he is ready.

    Hurry up and snag this boy before I have to wether him; gorgeous or not, he will have to be wethered May 15th after weaning. His price will become $75 when he is wethered.

    There is a new pic of this boy on my website :)

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