Choosing who to band?

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    Update: Thanks all! This definitely helps. I'll research more about the conformation and then make a decision!

    Hello - new goat owners here. We have 2 Nigerian Dwarf Bucks 12 weeks of age. One is very friendly, lets us pet him, comes to us, etc. The other is pretty standoffish, keeps to himself, will hardly let you touch him. We've decided to keep one in tact and band the other. Which one would you choose based on their behavior? A part of us likes the looks of the friendly one a little more so we wondered if he should be the one we potentially keep in tact. However, part of me then thinks the friendly one would make a great wether because he would stay friendly like a pet? Or would banding the other help him to be more friendly? Just curious what other more experienced goat owners would do. Or does it even matter?
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    What’s the purpose of keeping one intact? Are you using one for breeding? If they are only pets, I would band both, since the smell a buck brings to the table is extremely undesirable. If you’re using one for breeding, you should choose the one that is superior in conformation.
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    Banding doesn't make a goat more friendly. You do need to add conformation too. The goal is to improve the breed.
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    ND are a milk breed. Try to choose the one with the best confirmation with the best udders behind his sires and dams lines. Be prepared to milk if you aren’t milking already
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    I agree with picking the one with the best conformation if you’re planning on leaving one intact. Are they siblings? If not, who has the stronger udders behind them that will enhance your does?
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    I too agree with everyone.
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