Christmas traditions

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  1. keren

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    Oct 26, 2008
    As I have mentioned before, my family is European and so we celebrate on Christmas Eve. The whole family comes to our place around 11am or 12 noon. We have nibbles (of course) and generally just relax and catch up. Usually our tradition is to have cold meats (ham, turkey, chicken) and salads (potatoe, pasta, tossed and anything else we have the inclination to make). We used to go to church at night and then unwrap presents after, but with the number of kids (my nephews, mum and dads grandkids) now it is a little difficult to bundle everyone off to church so we dont do that anymore. Also it gets too late for the little ones. So we unwrap presents in the after noon about 5 or 6pm. We used to do it in the lounge room with all the presents under the tree, but the family has grown so much we now do it in the backyard. We have a plastic tree inside and a 'real' tree outside, which we move all the presents to before we unwrap. This year, we started a new tradition. I snuck away in the afternoon, harnessed up one of my goats, took it around to the front door, put all the presents in my sulky and drove around to the backyard where everyone was. All without the kids seeing (boy, that was more difficult than you would think).

    Here comes Santa Claus

    Santa's little helpers

    Just about to distribute the goodies

    It was only something we thought of in the morning, so next year I am gonna have reindeer horns ready for the goats and more of a santa suit for me.

    Another thing we did a little different this year, was my brother cooked one of his pigs for us on the spit.



    It was absolutely beautiful.

    Today (Christmas day) we are having the extended family (my aunties and uncles, cousins etc) over for dinner.

    So share your christmas traditions with us, maybe some photos, we'd love to hear all about it!

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    Oct 2, 2008
    What a great idea Keren! That is really cool, I bet the kids loved it. And.. that pig looks mighty tasty..

    I'll wait until tommorow to post my christmas stuffs.

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    Oct 4, 2007

    Family goes over Grandmoms (which she lives with us now so we just walk down the hall :) ) we just got done opening gifts since we started eating at 9pm and didnt open till after 10pm

    Tomorrow is just with my immediate family including my sister and brother in law

    we have donuts for breakfast :greengrin:

    Us kids are allowed to open our stockings without the parents up BUT it is an unwritten rule that all the kids must be up and we open them together. Duno why :shrug:

    Then it is off to feed animals and eat breakfast while we wait for dad to get up

    Then it is the reading of the CHristmas Story from either Matthew or Luke (in the bible). Sometimes my dad will have us read from both.

    we distribute the gifts and then open youngest to oldest. Since i am second oldest I have to wait through 3 younger brothers, but thats ok because i am always excited to see what they get and for them to open their gifts from me :leap:

    After gifts mom starts on dinner. we are usualy done gifts in the early to mid afternoon (we take our time). Dinner includes my grandmom and then we sit around doing nothing or playng with new stuff we got. I got NCIS for Christmas last year and we watched like 1/3 of the episodes in one day! :shocked:

    we like to watch "its a wonderful life" and "monsters Inc" or Toy Story sometime during the two days.

    Well back to the festivies I go......

    Oh Keren I so wish we had Christmas in warm weather! :shades:
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    Oct 26, 2007
    Langdon, AB Canada
    Well, out here in the country, Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without eggnog!