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Chromic Enterotoxemia?

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So we have a buck who has always been on the thin side. We are owner number 4...he throws amazing kids. When we got said buck he was put slowly onto pasture for the first time ever and had a bout of the runs. fecal same back clear, did dimethox jik and he was better in a few days. He started to put on some weight...then a month ago he had the runs so bad there was caked poo EVERYWHERE. fecal had some HC eggs, not many...but it was um, a "diluted" sambple. We treated with Quest and he's been on a barage of "goodies"...pepto at first until fir meadow GI soother came, 5 day dimethox, antibiotic, tons of vit. B fortified complex, red cell, copper boluses and we worked him onto a weight boosting diet. It took 2 weeks to get to berries, but we are there and he's doing well on drylot. He scarfs his fees, has kelp & good minerals and his fecal is now clean...but he's still thin and we've always suspected and recently confirmed a bad case of cocci when he was younger. Many Johnes tests have come back clean too. We have now confirmed he has had a bout or two of the runs each year. I'm suspecting chronic entero....but the fecal test is $$$$ around here. I'm wondering about just doing the CD antitoxin anyhow...but I'm assuming the treatment schedule is different for chronic....and then do 2 sets of vaccines down the road. It's be a good time while we have him in a drylot pen...what is the TGS member take on it? I've been told to orally dose him since I don't have epinepherine and not risk the allergic reaction...but man I just don't want to mess up his tender gut again. HE's finally gaining weight...
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What about doing things to boost his immune system. Have you tried Replamin Plus? I would give that weekly. Usually the damage left by coccidia is that they don't absorb nutrients as well. What about talking to Fir Meadow and see what she thinks you could do. I just wonder if putting him on some type of regular C&D antitoxin treatment will eventually not work down the line and if there is another way to help that a bit.
I have not tried the replamin plus...but he is staying on the Fir Meadow and that is what brought him back to normal poo. He doens't have a great hay appetite either...he nibbles it...but I'm wondering if it's because we've got him on a weight gain feed ration full of yummy goodness and he's just eating it for long fiber right now. I'm staying on the fortified B-complex tho...will look into the replamin.

I'm kinda leaning toward NOT doing the CD antitox right now since he is gaining weight and digesting normally. I do have it on hand, and I can use it if he scours again...but I want to do what is best for him.
I give my girls the Replamin Plus every other week. They seem to be doing well with it. I know there are a lot of people who swear by it. Especially for goats who just won't eat enough (or any) minerals. With his poor absorption rate, it might help. The GI Soother should do him well too.
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