CL and CAE?

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    Ok, so I sold a goat a while back to a herd that I now know has at least one goat carrying CAE and CL, I know that this goat carrying CAE and CL was exposed to the goat I sold to this breeder as well as a few other goats (bucks and does) in their herd (that are now sold to new breeders...eeeek) anyways my question is how contagious is CAE and CL in regards to breeding? Is there a high liklihood that the goat carrying my herd name now has CAE and CL because it was bred to a goat that has it? How about the other bucks/does that were sold who were exposed to this animal?

    I hadn't ever really thought about it until recently when I've been seeing these goats moving on to new herds and it got me that its scary, but 2 what if the goat of mine contracted it from this other goat and the breeder sold it to someone who actually tests their herd. If the goat with my herd name tests positive won't people naturally assume that's coming from MY herd???? That would SUCK!!!!!

    It's a rainy day and I have nothing to do but bake and let my mind wander! LOL Never a good thing since I'm such a negative nancy. :help:
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    It's very possible as far as CL, Its highly contagious and if you thing about it if the doe or buck has CL ooze and they mounted/got mounted they may very well touch the ooze and contract it themselves.

    If said goat was registered and transferred before being sold I would trace it to the listed transfer or ask the previous owner before assuming its your herd that is disease ridden. If you keep a copy of all tests with the goats names on it and someone came asking you could hand them that piece of paper stating as of 00/00/0000 date they were clean. Just an idea.

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    I see where you are coming from Jess, that stinks.

    As to transmitted through breeding - the jury is still out if CAE is transmitted through semen so there is a possibilityv

    CL is easily spread so that's also possible.
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