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Disease testing

Nubian mama, you also need to wait and be sure that the kids have gone 6 months since they drank milk. Testing inside that window can be inaccurate. I think it sounded like the other goats are adults? If so you can go ahead and test them, and they sounds like they might be relatively high risk.

If you find out right away that any of them were CAE positive, it may not be too late to separate them from the negatives as lateral transmission in adults is not as easy as dam to nursing baby.

The CL test is more accurate as an indicator for a large group, it is not as accurate on a single goat or smaller groups of goats. If you ever see an abscess, immediately quarantine that animal, and have your vet culture the contents. The CL culture is very accurate.

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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