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    A couple of our wethers will likely be going to this new home after weaning and the gal says that they had a CL positive goat on their property once before. So, she has paid for the vaccine and would like us to give it to these boys. Vaccine company says that it shouldn't be given in lambs less than 8 weeks old, not approved in goats b/c of some side effects.

    What should I do? Give the vaccine at 8 weeks (when weaned), not give the vaccine at all, find a different home for these guys? This place is a great home where they will get lots of love and it pleases me that she is working to prevent this from happening to other goats. I do not have the space to keep them another four weeks after vaccinating though and giving that vaccine is kind of scaring me. Any thoughts/suggestions are appreciated.
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    Every vaccine has side effects - human or animal - however, I have known many people, includong myself who has used the case-bac vaccine successfully. The only side effect that I ever had was the injection site lump which I sometimes get with cd/t also.

    If this something that you worry about and they are going home at 8-9 weeks, just let her know that you don't feel comfortable administering the vaccine as it is not labeled for goats (she doesn't need to know about all the other stuff we give goats that's not labeled for them - lol!). Or you can draw up a contract stating that you will administer but that the customer has purchased the vaccine, understands the possible side effects blah blah blah.....

    Hope that you are able to do what YOU feel comfy doing!


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    I too have used the Case Bac vaccine, it was years ago but like Allison said, it ewill sometimes cause a lump like the CD/T will....also will sometimes cause soreness in the leg on the side it was given. I would not use it on a kid under 8 weeks old though....if the buyer wants the kids and wants them vaccinated she should have a separate area waiting for them as they will need the booster 3 weeks later. If you aren't comfortable with the request, tell her why and if she's not understanding of you then another home is your choice.

    With ANY injection there are risks which is why I keep Epi on hand when I give "different" meds.
  4. I know several that use this and have heard why not to use it. One thing to remember is you will need to make sure folks know that if used the anitbodies for CL will then be in the goat. With that in mind should the goat be tested you will find traces of CL however the levels will be low but your testing will be positive. One reason why some vets are against it. With no way to track when these vaccines are used a healthy vaccined animal can test positive and be put down under a vet that can not tell the difference in levels.