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So I found a couple of lumps on my buckling today and it’s been worrying me!
There’s one that’s larger- it’s about the size of a dime/large pea. The other two (circled in red) you can’t feel as well but they’re still considerable little bumps.
I’m concerned- is it CL? He seems, acts healthy; I didn’t notice abscesses or anything on the other goats he was with either.
Could have been an injection site bump? But why are there two more smaller bumps?
Help asap would be appreciated! He’s only 3 months old so tests won’t help. Should I poke the bigger bump?
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Replied to the (Choosing a new buck) thread a moment ago. No, do not poke any of the bumps, assuming you mean stick a needle into the area.
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CDT injections cause bumps very often. Is that a picture of his spine area? That's not typically a cl location. Don't poke them. Abscess from cl don't normally show up in a kid that young I don't think.
What does the skin look like when the hair is separated? Another thought, a tick bite could also leave a raised area and possibly be the cause of the smaller 2 bumps. Usually, ticks are more of a problem in the spring, though depending on the area, there could still be a likelihood of ticks present. Also, is the buckling in quarantine or was he introduced directly into the herd?
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No, they are all on his neck.
He is currently in quarantine.
The bigger bump, the skin looks smooth and the same as the skin next to it. The other ones, I do admit feel more like a bite
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Could be bug bites, so hard to say.
There’s still a bigger bump there, but it’s sort of flattened out horizontally? I don’t believe it’s an abscess because it’s been a couple of days and it hasn’t drastically increased in size- although he acts like it bothers him when I touch it.
Could he have been injected in a vein or something it shouldn’t have been? I’d have to double check but the bump feels like it it’s right over and merges into a vein or something.
Some shots leave a tender area in the muscle for a few days. If he was given a cdt vaccination, the tetanus part (which I've had before) of the vaccine hurts for days, leaves a raised area, and is sore as a dickens where it was given when touched or pressed upon. Have you asked the previous owners, if, when, and what vaccinations were given to him before you got him?
Yes, it was CDT. Given last Wednesday, in the neck.
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