Clear snot, yellow crusty eyes, no fever, 2RIP?

Discussion in 'Health & Wellness' started by bbredmom, Mar 15, 2011.

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    I have 3 adults and four kids right now. The kids are between 8-12 weeks. 3 of the kids are momma raised to good mommas. The one remaining we began to bottlefeed her at 2.5 weeks. Two others came with her, different mommas a mother and daughter, and one of whom we know did not get a good start in life.

    Well last week our little boy died. His chest was congested, clear snot turned to yellow, but no fever. In fact it was too low, ao I assumed his body was in shock. I put him on a heating pad under a blanket and he did perk up and eat some hay. I started him on pen-g as soon as I noticed the symptoms and kept him in a crate with a radiator heater nearby so he workaday warm but not get too hot, but he passed in the night

    We came home yesterday to his sister/aunt also passed on with heavily crusted eyes (they were not that way in the morning at all) and heavy saliva from her mouth. There were no wounds or broken bones to indicate a dog issue. She was fine that morning, up and about and fussing like all baby goats do when they see momma. I did give her and our remaining bottle baby their first CL shot on Saturday morning, but both seemed fine not even any lameness.

    I just took temps on all the remaining babies. All between 101 and 102. Chest sounds clear, eyelids are red and healthy, happy round poop. But they all, even the adults, have slight clear nasal discharge and yellow crusts in the corner of their eyes.

    The temps here have been fluctuating like crazy, but they have a nice barn to sleep in, and they do.

    Could my two dead babies just be a congenital thing from not having good mommas in the beginning? I don't like treating with antibiotics unless there is a fever or obvious signs of infection like what my little boy had.

    There are days where I really feel like I shouldn't have goats. Is this much death common in those just starting out?
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    Pen G has never worked for me when it comes to pneumonia or chest congestion. I'd treat those showing signs of illness with Bio Mycin or LA 200. Have they been tested for coccidia? I'd treat for it as well.

    I'm sorry to hear you lost your boy. :( That must have been really hard on you.

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    It sounds like you might have pnuemonia circulating in your head. Usually there is some warning, but pneumonia can be a quick, silent killer as well. They go from fine to dead in a blink. I agree that you should be using LA200 of Biomycin. I give 1cc per 20 pds for 3-5 days....but I don't know, it could be other things as well. Sometimes it is really hard to figure out what is going on, and most vet's are absolutely dumbfounded when it comes to goats. When they get sick, they can have a fever at first, and then the temp gets low so you may have missed the spike on the little boy, but I would definitely say pneumonia for it is likely the rest may have it.
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    I agree with the others... :thumb:

    I personally use Nuflor... which works quickly have to get it from your vet.... :hug:
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    Thanks everyone. The sniffles have cleared up for the most part, but this morning I did hear a cough. But it wasn't a wet cough, more a "I've been sleeping on dusty straw all night, why are you bothering me?" I still snatched the kid up, checked alll membranes, and stuck a thermometer up his butt. All normal.

    I'll start calling around for the BioMycin and LA200. Thanks!