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Clumpy milk

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So my ND doe Tilly has been producing really well for the past couple weeks. Yesterday morning milking, I encountered some clumps in the teat as I squeezed. It reminds me of a glue bottle that has some dried on the tip, and you pull out the dried stuff and it works again. In the beginning, every couple squirts the left teat would be blocked and I'd have to pull out a chunk of goop.
I have no idea what this is. Shes milking normal, no kicking or pain, no blood in the milk, milk tastes fine, no hot or lumpy udder, kidds are still drinking off that side. I tried to take a picture ( sorry if it's bad, it was 4:30 am)
Anyone have any idea what this is? Is it safe to drink the milk?
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Sometimes they can just have a few clumps. Most of the time mastitis is involved but once in a while it isn't. Never hurts to test for mastitis. I'd just keep an eye on it and give some vitamin C chewables if you don't already do that.
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So I saw in some older threads that some people fed the does milk back to her and it cleared it up. I figured I'd give it a try.
How would I go about this? I tried to just bottle feed her lol she did not like that. Got a few sips, but I think because the nipple was too short she couldn't figure out how to suck. I even tried to feed a little to my doe that was a bottle baby, but she couldn't suck either, which led me to believe the nipple is just too short for an adult goat to get good suction???
Maybe a sarynge? I don't want her to choke. This morning there was only one clot, so maybe it was just a fluke? Temporary congestion?
I feed about 30 cc of milk from effected side via drenching syringe. Most goats love their milk and some will slurp it right out of a bowl.
Also MastoBlast is a great product to keep on hand for when issues arise. I have dealt with the cheesy chunks before too and once you milk them all out should be clear. My goat took a few days. Vit c helps too.
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I agree.
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