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clumpy poos after birthing

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It has been three weeks since my DN birthed two and has had continuous clumpy poos despite three doses of 2cc Iovmec. What other options do I have on a nursing doe? Course will get a stool sample if it's best, but what should I give her, or should I wait a while? :confused:
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Is there anything wrong other then clumpy poo? It may just be her bodies reaction to giving birth. Fecal is best. Not to good just randomly treat a doe for misc. things.
I would have a fecal done and make sure they include coccidia. You may be treating with the wrong wormer.

How much does your girl weigh? Ivomec should be dosed at 1cc per 40 lbs injected SQ or 1cc per 25 lbs orally.
Many does clump up after kidding ...Kidding is stressful and lowers the immune system while her hormones are out of whack...I always worm the day my does kid just to be sure they are protected...
^^^^ me too I always no matter what worm after kidding and before a new goat steps foot out of the trailer gets wormed a shot of la200 and vac. I do the wormer at those times because like happybleats said its stressful and the worms can take over fast. Another thing is are you feeding her any different now that's she's a mom??? More grain different grain did you give her molasses and warm water. Diet change can cause it as well.
Since you have already done 3 doses of Ivomec, a fecal to include coccidia is your next step.
Thanks so much, fecal it is. Feed does include the same pellets but added about 1/2 cup of real organic grains. She hasn't been getting out to forage as much though. Otherwise she is just fine and a good first-time mom.
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