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Cobalt blocks

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I have looked at this a bit.. And found quite a few breeders in my area use a cobalt block and swear by it. Says it helps with fertility and such.. (Stronger heats, more fertile heats ect.) just wondering if any of you guys had thoughts on it?? If I can find it at a feed store close by I think I may give it a try! :)
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If you trust the people you have talked to, then why not. Have to admit I have never used it.
I mean it can't hurt any if it's a block right??
If it won't cause any harm I don't see any harm in trying it out and seeing if it does help any...
I thought I answered this, weird :shrug: Anyway, I used to use them when I could find them.
I'll see if I can find any... Or if my feed store will order one for me..
Do you think it helped Jill?
Oh yeah, I think they do help. I wish I could find them now. They would help so much with anemia. The goats do need iodine to use the colbalt so, make sure it supplies that as well or give kelp.
One of the guys near me couldn't find them anymore... He had to ship on a full pallet of them.. That would take me forever to go through! Lol! Maybe he will donate some to the auction and raffles we do at shows :) lol!

Ok :) thanks :)
Of corse.. My TSC has every block under the sun.. BUT a cobalt one :roll: will have to check the feed store..
I don't know why they got so hard to find. Maybe the raw mineral is dangerous for workers? Your oats will provide a decent amount and using in the shell peanuts for treats would provide more.
It sure stinks :/
Like roasted peanuts?
Ok thanks Jill :)
Yeah, I use plain salted peanuts for people. They love them.
Cool, thanks :) I'll have to see if they like them :)
Found them on Amazon!
Just not sure I want to pay that shipping... :/
Have you talked to a feed store???? I keep every block out for goats and cows including the cobalt. I actually got the cobalt on accident the feed store goofed but everything went ape crazy over it so we keep that out as well.....they have settled down on it now ;)
No not yet :) I'm headed there to pick up a few things tomorrow so will ask while I'm there :) and if not, I will do some more talking to other breeders at shows this summer :) see where they get theirs :)
I just bought cobalt slow release bolus's that are good for 3 yrs. Cobalt is utilized in the rumen to produce vitamin b12. The increased vit b12 promotes cell growth and energy production. Increases appetite and feed efficiency.
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