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I normally do cocci preventative every 21 days with the kids.
I noticed a couple of days ago that one of the kids looked bloated- she was acting normally -she just looked too round on both sides. I gave her a Therabloat treatment and within an hour, she had lost most of the roundness. But the next morning it was back again so I did it again. Same thing.
Then I realized that I was 3 days late on the cocci treatment. So I started it right away and no more bloat. It's now on it's three days without any sign.
Now I am wondering - there was no diarrhea- no loss of appetite, etc. Just the bloat. And that was not bad. I just thought it was an interesting thought. That it was an early sign of cocci infection.
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I feel bad about procrastinating about the cocci treatments- I just kept thinking to myself that it's too much trouble to do today- I'll wait until tomorrow- A good lesson to me.
Actually that seems to be what I have learned most about goats- waiting til another day with them is not going to work.
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