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I normally do cocci preventative every 21 days with the kids.
I noticed a couple of days ago that one of the kids looked bloated- she was acting normally -she just looked too round on both sides. I gave her a Therabloat treatment and within an hour, she had lost most of the roundness. But the next morning it was back again so I did it again. Same thing.
Then I realized that I was 3 days late on the cocci treatment. So I started it right away and no more bloat. It's now on it's three days without any sign.
Now I am wondering - there was no diarrhea- no loss of appetite, etc. Just the bloat. And that was not bad. I just thought it was an interesting thought. That it was an early sign of cocci infection.
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ETR...The little doeling I had to treat for cocci actually did start with diarrhea but also had a round but squishy, sloshy belly...I'm sure that the roundness of her belly was the result of the cocci infection. Good thing for your kid that you "nipped it in the bud" before it caused a major problem.
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