Coccidia -- Just one more post, I swear....

Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by citylights, Oct 23, 2010.

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    Okey-dokey, then. I bought Baycox some time back to treat cocci in my goats -- I had one little doeling who didn't seem to respond -- she still looked big-bellied and unthrifty. So I sent in a fecal on her AFTER she had been treated with the baycox and it came back 3+. (this was before Stacey posted the new dosage on baycox)

    So I went to my small animal vet and got liquid Albon (the stuff they use for puppies) and treated her for 5 days according to his directions. Sent in another fecal, and it came back :Zero, Zippo, Nada! Yippee.

    I'm not saying the baycox isn't working...I was definitely underdosing, but it's good to know that our old stand-by Albon, when dosed for 5 days, DOES work!
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    thats great to hear Denise. :) always like to see the goaties healthy

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    That is awesome to hear!!
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    :cool: :leap: That's great.... I know I was concerned about kidding season since it's been so wet this year. I planned most of my kiddings for the COLD season just to cut back on the risk to the young ins.... I'm glad that Albon is still a good one out here. I purchased Baycox last year and worked well for us though too. :)