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    Aug 21, 2009
    I am new to goats, been in horses and rabbits, and was a small animal tech. Anyway, one of my 2 goats has a ton of coccidia eggs on her fecal. I did one to check on which worms she had (anemic) and came up with about 20 strongyle-type eggs (probably the anemia) and 100-200 coccidia eggs. No diarrhea. Should I treat her anyway? BTW, she is supposed to be bred for the end of October or so. With the dogs and cats, if we found coccidia on an adult (generally 1-2 eggs) we didn't treat as long as there wasn't any diarrhea. Young animal or diarrhea (usually a bunch of eggs) we treated. To treat or not to treat, that is the question.
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    welcome ... Goober....glad you are here.. :wave:

    If she is anemic... I would hit the cocci as when her system is so down like that...... she may start developing scours from the cocci.......there are known cases ....that the sign of scours ....sometimes doesn't happen ..and only shows signs of rapid weight I personally would treat for both.... I also would give her red cell or something to rebuild her blood.... :hug:

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    You can safely treat pregnant does with sulfa drugs for cocci, Di Methox is one that I use for prevention as well as treatment, and I have used it with does that are at minimum 3 months along. Getting the worns under control too would benefit your doe and her babies so much, you can use a 1.87% ivermectin paste , the same that you would use for a horse, triple her weight and dose accordingly, dose again in 10 days. You will also want to repeat the fecal in 2 weeks after the 2nd dose to be sure the meds worked.....coccidia being passed from adults can really impact the health of the babies, so once she is treated for the overload, keep her on a "preventive" dose of the sulfa drugs until the kids are weaned to prevent her from shedding the oocysts, and start the kids on cocci prevention at 3 weeks and continue until they wean or leave.

    This is how my vet instructed me as far as coccidia goes, had one kid out of 9 get an overload in 08, that was too many for me.
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    Aug 21, 2009
    Thanks for the help. I already gave her the wormer, and I will start her on the Albon. I had already given her a little red cell, was afraid to give too much since it has selenium. (I have the red cell left over from my old horse, near the end his bone marrow was shutting down.) Thanks!
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    Red Cell is good -- Albon is good too.

    Adult goats rarely have diarrhea when they have cocci they just usually loose weight and then die