coccidiosis medications

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    Oct 3, 2010
    Im wondering if anyone has or knows the dosages and mix amount of different meds. For example, I see alot of threads that say how much to give them but not how much to mix. So if you post, please list the name of the product, dosage, powder or liquid amount and how much water to mix in if applicable.

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    This is for Di-Methox POWDER, available through Jeffers and Hoeggers Supply.
    I mix in small amounts because I have just a few kids from year to year.

    1 and 1/4 teaspoons of powder and mix thoroughly into 1 cup of water. Dose for treatment is 1cc per 5lbs first day then 1cc per 10lbs days 2-5. DO NOT DILUTE THIS MIXTURE WITH WATER, dose it as is. This is a 12.5% solution.

    Note*** this is what I use as prevention from 3 weeks of age til the kids leave at 8 weeks. 1.5cc twice a day for 7 days then 1.5cc once a week til weaned or in my case, til the kids leave.

    IF this is chosen to be used as a preventative, be prepared to have the need for a different type of cocci med for treatment, just in the case of an outbreak.

    If you get any of the premixed solutions, Albon(Sulmet is the generic) or Corrid
    You dose straight from the bottle...DO NOT DILUTE, even though the directions on the bottle will say to dilute or to put in drinking not do this, INDIVIDUAL DOSING is a must to ensure the goat gets the exact amount of medication. Follow up any treatment course with probiotics.