coco finally had her babies!

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    Well i went out this morning and told hubby that Coco would have her babies today! She had them around 11:30 this morning! She had a little black and white boy and then a chocolate girl!

    She did such a great job, I am so proud of her. Mom and babies are doing great. they are enjoying the sunshine out in the yard with us!

    Need to work on names next! I am thinking of keeping the boy, but I need to convince hubby of that.

    ****the doeling is not doing well. Started last night. She is zoning, not really walking. Was suckling yesterday and last night, today, i have not seen her on mom yet. She has pooped ALOT (was black now its black and yellow/brown). I got some milk to supplement her with a bottle, but have seen no real change. This morning when I looked in her mouth she was pale, cold and very dry mouthed.
    Any ideas would be great!********

    ****she is doing much better this evening! Her mouth is warm and pink and she is attaching to mom wonderfully!***
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    Re: Coco did it, we had babies!

    :clap: Congratulations!!! The little family looks quite content!
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    Re: Coco did it, we had babies!

    So cute....congrats.... :thumb: :love:
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    Awesome! Isn't it convincing the husband that is always the hardest? Lol. One of my does just had twins. I plan to keep at least one, but haven't told him that yet. He thinks I'm selling both. I did agree to sell my last grade doe, that I was going to keep, because he was whining our goat population was getting too high...that and I convinced him to sell his project truck that has been sitting without being touched a year straight. So he already feels like he has to give stuff up and I don't or something. If only they pooed gold pellets, our husbands would love us to have a zillion! I love the chocolate color BTW. So adorable.