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Cold? Or something else.

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The kids showed their 4h goats at the fair one seems to have picked up something. They have been quarantined since they got back from the fair on the 8th.

The weekend of the 6th is when the show was, the 12th kids noticed a runny noise in both of them, I was out of town dropping off the oldest to college. When we got back temps where taken 101.3 for them both. Yesterday they where out in a separate pasture running around and being silly when they came back in the one started coughing and having whiteish snot. Her temp was taken again it was 103.1 took her temp again 3 hours later back to 101.4 she’s eating and drinking.

At what point do I call the vet?
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Sounds like the drop in temp before the spike. I'd get them treated. 101.5-103.5 is normal. So yours have been below normal. You can certainly try Vet Rx before calling the vet.
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Give some vitamin B complex, injectable. (1 cc per 25# sub q) It's common for goats come home from the fair or shows and get sick. (Like the first weeks of school for human kids, all new germs). Watch for fever, lethargy or loose stools.
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I agree with the others and watch them closely for a while. Add probiotics and vit C
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Update got in touch with my in person goat mentor. Gave me the same advise probiotics and vit c. She was much better yesterday.
Good to have a mentor.

Glad all is better, good job. 👍
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