Cold or start of Pneumonia, and how much will be too much to throw at him?

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    Kevin's Story
    DOB: 1/12/19
    Breed: Boer Buck

    I bought Kevin Sunday Nov 22, he had a cold trailer ride home, about 11 hours worth, with the temps ranging between 11-34 degrees. He had a bunch of hay to bed down in.
    Upon arrival Monday late morning I noticed he had slight clear nasal discharge and sounded congested in his nose, otherwise he looked and acted normally.
    Tuesday morning his eyes were runny with clear discharge, minimal amount, and he coughed twice, in the PM his temp was 100.4 and I gave him 12 cc of Molly's Herbal Immune. More of the same on Wed and Thurs. Temp has ranged from 100.4 to 101.4 and sometimes there is a little eye drainage. The nasal congestion has been consistent and seems to get better with VetRX. He will occasionally cough, it takes me 1/2 - 1 hour to feed and I will hear him cough 1-3 times and it is usually just 1 cough, the most has been 3 coughs. It is not a productive cough.
    I have been giving Molly's Herbal 2x day at 12 cc and VetRx at that time.
    I took him to the vet on Friday and his temp was 102.8 and all the vet could find was that he had a slight rattle in his right lung, but he had to really listen for awhile to hear it. He was not concerned and said that it is probably just from going to a new place and the long, cold trailer ride.
    Throughout the whole ordeal he has been eating amazingly well, tail always up and will come at a trot to see me. He is pleasant to deal with and has put up with me and hovering over him very well.
    I have bought a new thermometer today as I am questioning the accuracy of my other 2 with reading his temp so low.
    So for my question. How much do I need to worry? Should I just wait for other symptoms like the vet said, or is there something more that I can give him to help him along? I am willing to try anything to help him, but am I better to just settle down and keep doing what I am or find every suggestion that I can for over the counter meds and start adding until I see a change?
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    For me..its normal to get a cold. I take a zinc tablet ( human form from walmart) . I cut 1/2..grind it up and put it in 5ccs of robitussin and drench my buckling with that. Then put a drop of vet rx on his nose. I only do the zinc tablet once. I then dose him with the robitussin for 2 days. After the 3 days..i check the sound of the lungs and temp. All should be clear and normal. If they are not...I call my vet.

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    So what I recommend for situations like these is VetRX in the nostrils, 3-4 cloves of raw garlic, 1000mg vitamin c (via human chewables is fine), fresh sprigs of thyme; if you have essential oils from DoTerra, YL, or another food-grade brand you can give Thieves or OnGuard, Oregano, Thyme, Orange, and Lemon are all good ones that can be given internally, 1 drop in 3cc olive oil.

    Zinc wouldn't hurt. Garlic is the real kicker!!
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    snotty nose give children's Benadrill. that seems to stop the cold from becoming pneumonia. infact it stops the cold too.
    this time of year i carry Benadrill in my feeding truck. I give Benidrill at the first sign of a cold.
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  6. Agreed with all. We get snotty noses here that are often just colds like us humans, but our go to is Vit C and garlic with the clears up pretty fast. I don't worry about pnuemonia unless we have a high temp and/or I hear junk in their lungs or if I see them acting puny.