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Hello. I'm new to goat kids having just had my first five in February and have a question regarding color. All of my goats are Nigerian Dwarfs, if that's relevant.

Three of my kids from the same dam have begun getting brown spots whereas they had previously been fully black. It was suggested to me that they could potentially be copper deficient but they get free choice minerals and replamin gel because we have mineral-rich well water. Also, my other two kids born the day after these are still pure black as are two of my other does that are black. I'm not sure how genetics works regarding coloring but the breeder said she didn't think it was remotely possible for any of them to have brown (this confused me because mom was predominantly black with white but did have some very small brown patches around her legpits and ears). She suggested it was likely either copper deficiency or sun bleaching. But wouldn't either of those be pretty uniform in their fading?

This girl is Lyra. As you can see, the black in her face and her little black boots are still very black but some of her chest coloring it has faded to brown.

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Another pic where you can see how she looks more brown in the sides as well. She still has a black stripe down her back that's very black.

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Her sister Ursa has a bit of brown on her face and body as well.

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Orion, their brother, is all black but has a light brown patch on his belly. I would think his belly would be impossible to be sun-bleached, particularly in one little tiny spot.

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So basically I'm confused. I don't understand how that can't be considered brown or at least why I was told that (I haven't registered to them yet because I was confused about what to put for color) or why someone would think that was copper deficiency. If someone who is more knowledgeable about such things could let me know what you think, I would be super grateful. Nobody has fishtail or whatever it's called, everyone is totally happy and healthy and like I said, gets free choice minerals at all times and replamin gel monthly, starting last month. I was told not to copper bolus until they're 6 months old and they aren't yet so I haven't done that yet, and again, it's only three kids from one dam that are changing colors. Everyone else that's black has remained totally black.

Any insight or opinions would be super appreciated. Thank you! ♡
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