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We live in the heart of the forest, and we have decided to re-home our 3 sweet does who survived the third mountain lion attack on our place. Looking for a well-prepared and safer home for all three together:

- 3 yr old Nubian x French Alpine is fresh and needs milked 1-2x daily right now.

- 3 yr old purebred, registered Nubian who is open (not bred or milking right now-she kidded one year ago)

-1 yr old purebred Nubian all set for registration if she is tattooed.

If you have a well-fenced corral for goats (metal woven wire field fence or similar) and good structure(s) for shade during the day and safety and protection at night and are interested in giving these girls a caring home, then we would appreciate hearing from you. We can help the right folks out with a milk stand and such if needed.

Please let me know if you are seriously interested. Thank you.


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