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Oh my goodness. Goat colors are a lot more complicated than horse colors. Can anyone tell me what I should put on the registration forms for these goats?

Mika and Suki are this color:

Their hairs are dark brown to black, but they have sort of tannish brown hairs on their ears and the sides of their faces. And is this white line on Mika's side called a broken belt?

This year’s kids are all approximately the same color, but with different markings. Sort of a reddish brown (I’d call them sorrels if they were horses), but they have a dark line down their backs, and their lower legs are black. And they have those dark markings by their eyes.



Is the term for white patches pinto, or paint? Is this a pinto/paint?


The color articles I found online just had short lists that none of my goats seemed to fit into, lol! Thanks so much in advance for any help you guys can give me!!
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