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My computer wont acknowledge the top bar where todays posts, new posts, my account is etc.. Only this and one other forum Curser just doesn't respond up at that bar. Stays an arrow and doesn't change to a finger. Any ideas? Windows xp home. Oh, doesn't do this with internet explorer. Just Firefox, my preferred browser. To sign in I have to respond to thread and then the login box comes up.

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Or try this, right click the top bar and select view page info. Here there are a few tweeks that you can mess with to hopefully get it to work. Under permissions im set as:
Load images, allow
Open pop up window, block
Set cookies, allow
Install extensions or themes, block
Share location, block
Maintain offline storage, allow
Enter full screen, always ask.

doubt any of these will help but worth a try. But would guess maybe a blocked cookie might be the issue. But I am sure Austin would know much better then I
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