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Here are some simple wether conformation standards (keep in mind, these are totally different than breeding stock standards)

Length of body
Long, level topline (like Nancy's buck)
Long hooks to pins
Long loin (notice a theme? ;) )
Shallow and tubular, rather than flabby and thick
Wide through the chest
Good rib shape
Smooth hip/loin junction (where his rump and topline meet)
Good strong legs
Deep twist

Being muscular and firm to the touch is always a must as well.

I am showing some pictures of a good wether (he is actually a wether sire), and then a bad one, and then of show stock.


Bad (from a current thread on here, it was the worst I could find)-

Breeding stock. Notice how they are covered in skin and conditioned far more than the tight, lean, though still muscular, wethers.
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